About Day Break


Hi, we are Day Break Coffee Roasters, your number one source for fresh roasted coffee. We offer only the finest fresh roasted coffee imported from around the world. Our roastery, headquartered in Lubbock, TX, is the biggest one in West Texas and one of the largest in the entire state.

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Owners Scott Gloyna and Jeff Fisher, take great pride in the quality and flavor of the beans that they choose. Annual trips to South America, Central America, and Africa ensure that they see firsthand the coffee plantation operations and they sample the products that will ultimately find their way to you.

How you get it

We are a full-service office coffee provider and we ship our fresh roasted coffee to customers across the United States. We also are a wholesale supplier for hometown coffee shops and large-scale operations across Texas and New Mexico. Take a look around, stop and smell the fresh-roasted coffee!

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